How do you describe the SCA?

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These are responses to a Facebook question, "Quick! What's the best description of the SCA you've given to family or friends?"


From Albra Katerine Marie Isabelle Bautiste

My husband calls it my "hysterical historical society"...and asked last year if I thought I might "outgrow it one day"....ha! May 2nd will mark my 43rd year..I asked him if the word 'lifer' came to mind yet...

From Cassandre Nicole Loustaunau

If I want to avoid a long explanation it is, "My fencing club". Or, if I feel comfortable explaining further, "A medieval-themed costume party that got out of control."

From Ceara ingen Chonaill

We are a history club that works from 600 to 1600 Western Europe. It is a hobby to keep history alive, unlike the Renn Fair that does it for money.

From D'vorah bint Dā'ūd

Wars, kings, generals, and world-changing inventions are interesting things to learn about, but to me, they're not history. They're things that interrupt and redirect history. To me, history is knowing how normal people lived their day-to-day lives. What was their morning routine? What type of coins did they keep in their purses or the little box hidden at home? What did they make for breakfast, and how did they cook it? What did they wear, what tools did they use? What aspirations did they have -- and were those aspirations viewed as realistic, or as pie-in-the-sky dreams by those who heard about them? What was their entertainment, what was their daily chore list? The SCA is my way of connecting with all of that in a way that I can't do, just by hearing that a war was fought between these particular peoples because of this or that issue, under the leadership of General Whoever-He-Was. We research in order to /do/ things, and we do things in order to learn more deeply than books can teach us. For me, the SCA makes history take flight in my mind. If I'd had the SCA as a child, history classes would have been endlessly entertaining instead of a dreary thing that I felt had no relevance to my life. I'd have learned a lot more, because I would have a personal investment in it.

From Drogo Fitz William

It's my, "I get to hit people with sticks and not go to jail club".


From Grace Bywater

The sewing circle, the martial arts club and the theater guild go camping together.

From Grace Fenix

Dress up in the park, camping with costumes.

From Illuminada Eugenia de Guadalupe y Godoy

I once described Pennsic as like a huge family reunion - of the family I chose, rather than the one I was born into.

From Isolde de Fetherestan

I once described it to a friend as "It's like all the best parts of your history classes came to life, and then got incredibly excited that you wanted to get involved."

From Johanna von Nurnberg

Uh,like the Renaissance faire,but every weekend.Sort of. It's not a good description, but people know the fair as a point of reference.

From Kendrick

Medieval camping with booze n'fighting n'sh!t. That's my short definition, hahaha....I tell them it's a medieval research society, then get into detail...this, that and the other thing... Oh, and my fiancé calls it weird camping. Lol... She's not into it but is very supportive & attends wars with me


From Katherine of Hornechurch

Think of a Renaissance Fair, only its cheaper, better and you actually live it, plus you get to hit people with sticks without being arrested, and there is always a party going on somewhere!

From Letizia of Altavia

The only place I've found that melds my degrees (Art History, Classical Archaelogy, British Lit), hobbies (music, dance, theater arts, cooking, volunteering, socializing, drinking), with forgotten delights of my youth (archery, astronomy, sewing, camping, dressing up. kissing beautiful, long-haired boys, embroidery, bacon) while introducing me to amazingly skilled, artistic, kind, funny, strong, academic,chivalrous, inquisitive, selfless, beautiful, kick-arse, loving people. Every weekend, and sometimes for weeks at a time!

From Lot Ramirez

The closest thing to Valhalla that you will ever live to see

From Meave Douglass

It's a living history group focused on the craft, art and culture of the pre-17th century (before 1600) world. We have camping events and day tourneys, and the medieval version of almost any hobby you can think of-martial arts, fiber arts, brewing, cooking, metalwork, dancing and music, archery, equestrian- even dog coursing! It's a fun place where I get to geek out with friends who share my interests, and an educational 501c3 that shares our knowledge through demos.

From Muirgen ingen Ailella

Reliving wonderful medieval times with the best people on Earth - without the Plague and with Stone Privies!


From Randulf Greenwall

The SCA is where you spend every day beating people soundly about the head, then spend all night drinking with friends while singing songs by firelight.

From Raphael ben Gideon

Outdoor fun for Indoor Kids

From Sadb ingen Abner uí Lorccáin

Medieval scouting on steroids.

From Sean O'Fallon (Captain Sean the Blue Handed)

"A wild desert party where everyone is as interested in history as they are in whiskey. Also, armored stick fighting."


"A party with three thousand of my friends in awesome clothes and opportunities to learn almost anything."

Really, it depends which side of War you ask me on...

From Susanne Andrea

It is a medieval reenactment group where they have wars with battle scenarios, cool garb, parties and merchants.

From Tetchubah of Greenlake

My mother has always called it "that weirdo organization you belong to." Even when I was on the Board and Society Exchequer I think she kept thinking I'd eventually grow out of it.

From Thomas DuLaney

It's a hobby, that contains other hobbies, not just armored martial arts, but anything worth noting that happened, excluding holy wars and the plague. It's been the family I never knew I was missing, and so desperately needed.

From Thorin of Bexhill

The SCA is a group of historical reenactors that give you the ability to choose who and what you would be in a best of the Middle Ages scenario, where there are only people of nobility. There are no peasants or plagues. All the different elements come together just as they like have in a town. All the craftspeople, the arts, the fighting, of which there are several different forms, but NONE are scripted; they are real fights, but no one gets physically injured when they "die".

We have members and groups all around the world, and there is some event you can attend virtually every weekend that is within driving distance. There are merchants you can buy things from, and guilds where you can learn to make things yourself.

To me, what really makes is perfect is that it is something you need never grow out of. There are things to do for people of ALL ages, including the very young and very old. If you have any interest at all in the Middle Ages, I strongly recommend you go to an event and check it out for yourself.


From Una Glor Airgid

It's like what I do at home when no one's watching, except that I do it with a bunch of friends who are weird like me.

From Vlad Mondane

The heavy fighting is like "ye old paintball" with an honor system.

(SCA Names Needed)

From Diana

Somewhere between a Ren Faire and a Scout encampment. With cool costumes and arts-and-crafts.

From Lezlee

A history and Social club with a twist.....garb being the twist.

From Sarah

I have told people we are those people that dress up in medieval clothing and reenact the days of the king queen and knights.