House of Stites

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House of Stites at Potrero 2022.jpeg
House of Stites (Meggan of the Angels and Robert the Best) at Potrero War A.S. LVII (2022) in Camp Altavia/Camp Angels.
Founded: A.S. LVII (2022)
Status: Inactive
House of Stites.png
(Fieldless) A cloud vert, overall in fess two arrows argent, barbed sable and fletched gules.

The House of Stites was an Angel's-based household consisting of Lord Robert the Best and Lady Meggan of the Angels. Their duo Viking-style wedge tent camp was easily recognizable at war with their pennon flags and 10 foot hammock.

The House went inactive after Lord Robert the Best left the SCA in solidarity with Lady Meggan of the Angels after she was sexually harassed by a top player and the SCA literally E-Mailed her and told her to not tell anyone.

The House of Stites enjoyed deep time-period play and strived to live as period as possible. They camped with Angels at wars, loved theatre and pageantry and enjoyed meeting fellow SCAdians.

House Purpose

This House considered themselves, "the Growers of Caid.”


The House was named in honor of the family line, Stites. The name traces back to England and Scotland during the 1100s-1600s and comes from the Viking name, “Stoti,” which arrived during the 9th century with the Norse colonization of Scotland.

The members of the House of Stites first met at the place of the death of a Stites ancestor mundanely.