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Congratulations on wanting to help this wiki grow. These are the items we are working on.

One Time Tasks

Make sure to delete the task from this list if you have completed it.

  • Subcategorize the articles within Category:Populace (Pretty much done with some holes in A)
  • Populate all the populace redirects at Help:Populace Names with the proper redirects.
  • After all the Crown Poems are added, make a bardic section for each populace page for the artist and the person the poem is about.

Standard Issues

Populace Pages

  • Keep an eye on the populace pages and make sure the registered name is the one being used on that page. Also to make sure there are no duplicate populace pages.
  • Add Caidans to the Populace pages. A full print out of the OP is found here: Help:Populace_Names. The format for the Populace page should follow Template talk:Populace

Event Pages

Event pages should be built using Template talk:Event. Each page must have a "Memories" heading. If the writer of the page does not have any memories to enter, the section should read, "Please feel free to add memories to this section."

If you have interest in working on any of the below tasks, please inform the site administrator at

  • Add event pages & associated links for events from West Kingdom History Site
  • Add event pages & associated links for events from issues of The Crown Prints
  • Add event pages & associated links for events from Kingdom Calendar
  • Check that current event pages use the templates, and each has a "Memories" heading.