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To help users find what they're looking for, articles may be categorized. A user may navigate to a category page and view an alphabetical list all articles within the category. Also, when an article is included in a particular category, the Wiki automatically adds a link to the category at the very bottom of its page.

A list of all categories can be found at Special:Categories

How to Categorize an Article

When a new page is created using a template, it is automatically added to the corresponding category. For example, all articles that use the Populace Template can be found within Category:Populace. To learn more about using templates, see: Help:Templates

Many other categories are available as well. To categorize an article within one of these categories, place the full name of the category within the markup. For example, to add an article to the "Dreiburgen" category, add "[[Category:Dreiburgen]]" to its markup.

If you wish to create a link to a category without adding the article to the category, you add ":" before the category name. For example, "[[:Category:Dreiburgen]]" creates a direct link to the Dreiburgen Category.

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