Guild of St. Tabitha

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KL sewing.JPG
Kong Lian sewing
Founded: 2013
Status: Active
Tabitha badge.jpg
Argent, a gazelle's head affronty couped sable marked argent horned Or and a bordure azure

The Guild of St. Tabitha is a non-camping household group based in the Shire of the Isles. The Guild's interests are primarily in costume creation and sewing techniques, but crafts, brewing, cooking, and food preservation are also practiced by Guild members.

The Guild meets irregularly, ca. twice a month, at the home of Kong Lian and Þorbjorn Ívarsson in Goleta, primarily on Wednesday evenings (but this may change).


The Guild of St. Tabitha was founded by Kong Lian at the end of 2013. St. Tabitha is the patron saint of tailors and seamstresses, and her symbol is a gazelle. Tabitha (also called Dorcas) was a first Century Christian woman of Joppa (now Jaffa, Israel) who was raised from the dead through the intervention of St. Peter (Acts 9:36). This is an apt metaphor for many projects which may have died but can be raised through prayer and assistance (from other members of the Guild of course).


Guild membership is open to all who are interested and would like to come to meetings. To join please send Kong Lian a message on Facebook and join the Guild facebook group, linked below.

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