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The Greyraven Medallion is a relic of the Society College of Heralds which was made in year 26 by Erasimierz Waspanieski who was called Greyraven. This Pelican has traveled all over the known world being passed from herald to herald as they were made pelicans and has a huge lineage.


Being a record of the restoration of the Greyraven Pelican Medallion, undertaken in October 2021 which is the 56th year of the Society for Creative Anachronism

Mistress Elspeth of Stillwater got to do a cool thing. At GWW she was approached by Master Bruce Draconarius of Mistholmeand Mistress Mary Dedwydd verch Gwallter , who had a little problem. Apparently they, being rather distinguished heralds, had been entrusted with the Greyraven Medallion and unfortunately it had been damaged and was in rather poor shape. They asked her if she could help.

The photos show some of the steps she used to bring it back to spiff. The captions explain what she was doing.


Being a listing of the full lineage of the Greyraven medallion from its creation to its delivery to Eridana Ambra Dragotta in October 2021, being the 56th year of the Society for Creative Anachronism

  • The medallion was created in the Twenty-sixth year of the Society by Erasimierz Waspanieski called Greyraven, White Stag Principal Herald emeritus of the Outlands, who also created the Laurel Crown.
  • In the same year it was delivered by Marten Jeros Broeker, Palimpsest Herald emeritus, to Arval Benicoeur, Brigantia Principal Herald emeritus of the East.
  • Master Arval passed the medallion to Alison MacDermot, Badger Herald emerita of the East, who in turn passed it to Elsbeth Anne Roth, Laurel Sovereign of Arms emerita.
  • From Dame Elsbeth the medallion went to Johann Magnusson Kivisuo, Edelweiss Herald emeritus of Drachenwald who then passed it to Margaret Makafee, Pelican Queen of Arms emerita who passed it to Mari Elspeth nic Bryan, Pelican Queen of Arms emerita.
  • From Mistress Mari it passed to Evan da Collaureo, Wreath King of Arms emeritus who passed it to Ailis Linne, Garnet Herald emerita of Æthelmearc who then passed it to Owen ap Morgan, Matins Herald emeritus of the West.
  • Master Owen in turn passed it to Tanczos Istvan, Wreath King of Arms emeritus, who passed it to to Jeanne Marie Lacroix, Wreath Queen of Arms emerita, who passed it to Cormac Mor, Wreath King of Arms and Crescent Principal Herald emeritus of Caid.
  • Master Cormac then gave it to Marie de Blois, Palimpsest and Clarion Herald emerita and White Stag Principal Herald emerita of the Outlands.
  • Mistress Marie passed the medallion to Lillia de Vaux, Pelican Queen of Arms emerita. It was also borne for a time by Master Andrewe Baldwyne, Laurel King of Arms emeritus, before returning to Mistress Lillia.
  • It was then passed to Richenda du Jardin, Black Lion Principal emerita of An Tir, who passed it to her wife Juliana de Luna, Laurel Queen of Arms emerita and Pelican Queen of Arms emerita, not 15 minutes later.
  • From Mistress Juliana, the medallion passed to the hands of Nesscia inghean Chearnaigh, the first Silent Herald Deputy to the Laurel Office.
  • And from Mistress Nesscia by the hand of Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane, did this medallion pass to Seraphina Delphino, Golden Dolphin Herald emerita and Ragged Staff Herald for the Society of Creative Anachronism.
  • Magnifica Seraphina, by the hand of Richenda du Jardin, passed the medallion along to Yehuda ben Moshe, Blue Tyger Emeritus.
  • Baron Yehuda ben Moshe, Brigantia Principal Herald, by the hand of Dylyedog Mary Dedwydd verch Gwallter, Crescent Principal Herald, after restoration by Mistress Elspeth of Stillwater, passes the medallion to Baroness Eridana Ambra Dragotta, Dolphin Herald of Caid.