For Cindy

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In memory of Cynthia Lloyd of Hightower, who passed way in August of 1994.


An apple falls from the tree
It's an act of gravity
Its weight becomes more
Than the slender stem can hold
It was bold, bright, red and glorious
We had watched it bud, flower and ripen
It so added to the glory of the tree
That sometimes we never saw it
In its own entirety
But simply as part of the tree
And every time we passed the tree
We thought of all the things
That apples can be. And that tree
Was part of the backdrop of our summer
The green sweet smelling earth
Flying flags, bright play, joyful noises
And one day, we fold our tent to put away
And see the apple on the ground
But it was enough for me
That the apple was on the tree.

Lady Sarah Jeanne Winterton Croft AS XXVIII August 27,1994