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This page started out as a post on the Kingdom of Caid Facebook Page. Perizaad Yazadi (Volunteering Co-Steward for Great Western War 2015) asked, "Do you have a favorite volunteering story? Could be GWW, could be Potrero, could be anything! Share in the comments below!"


From Arianna Kateryn Nunneschild

I have two favorite stories, both from last year! 1) Sir Mons and his boy band loaded their instruments into his medieval wheelbarrow and schlepped out to Gate, so they could play a few rounds of rousing music for the gate crew. That was epic fun – at least, for us. We hope the gate crew felt similarly. 2) While I was volunteering at A&S, helping to keep an eye on the competition entries, somebody fed me cheese. Homemade cheese! It doesn't get much better than that! (Unless there is also homemade mead… A girl can dream, can't she?)

From Celeste d'Arles

My favorite volunteer story is a lesson learned. I was teaching constable techniques to Lord Ponc lo Bohemme who had never ever volunteered for the constabulary. I was telling him to check for drunks who may pass out at the side of the road. He replies, "what's that, over there?" And sure enough, a gentle who over indulged was laying across and behind a log.

He refused the gentlemen's help, but in my sweetest voice, I asked him if he would help me get home. That it would be my pleasure to walk a bit with him, with my fellow constables. The gentle got up, and as I supported his weight, we "walked me back to my camp" (HIS own camp, not mine), and poured him into his lodging.


From Filipe de Trujillo

One GWW I was working the toll booth, I mean gate, with my girl. I started greeting people with lines from Wizard of OZ, Star Wars, Monty Python and other random gate keeper movies that popped into my head. We were having great fun, until I ran across a car driven by young kids that didn't understand why I was looking for droids. I was dumbstruck. My girl directed them to the troll tent while I tried to still processes the unthinkable. The next car was full of friend I hadn't seen for a while, and there was much squeeing and hugging.

The two hours passed quickly, and we had a lot of fun, and got invited to several camps to join in their festivities.


From Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios

My favorite volunteer story was about someone else who did a great job under difficult circumstances.

At GWW in 2010 Master Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling was busted by a Constable when he was rooting around in our sales pavilion after hours!

At midnight we realized we needed something we'd left in the sales pavilion. Tim didn't know exactly where it was in the pavilion and so was looking through stuff, making noise and flashing the light around the nylon walled pavilion.

From outside the pavilion he heard “Person inside the pavilion, come out and identify yourself”. Tim went out to find the speaker was the Constable who was assigned to patrol the marketplace.

The Constable was very professional, and verified that Master Timotheus was listed as an owner of the booth. But since he didn't know Tim from Adam, he took Tim to the Headquarters tent across the aisle to find someone to verify that he actually was Master Timotheus.

Master Rowen Killian and Sir Einar aus Enwelt were working at HQ that evening, and being long time friends of Tim naturally said "No, we don't know this man, he doesn't look like Master Timotheus to us."

To which Tim said something rude, and Rowen and Einar looked at each other and said "Can you believe Master Tim said that to us?!?!"

At this point the Constable figured his job was done and returned to patrolling the marketplace.

A BIG THANK YOU to the constable volunteers! We REALLY appreciate your work keeping us and our stuff safe!

From Mary Calais

There was the guy who WALKED up to Gate in the early evening hours and asked if he could work out trade for his entrance fee.... :/ ...we did not entertain him long enough to determine what, precisely, he wished to put on the table...



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