Edric V and Faizah II

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Edric V & Faizah II at Medieval Marketplace
Sovereign: Edric Aaron Hartwood
Consort: Faizah al-Zarqa
Caid Crown #: 60
Preceded by: Drogo and Iðuna
Succeeded by: Edward and Mora

Their Majesties, Edric V and Faizah II, sixtieth King and Queen of Caid, reigned 11/10/2007-06/07/2008.


Edric is an early 13th Century crusader who has made his way to a life in India. Recently, he has become interested in a later period Indo-Persian persona, and will be using this during the reign. Faizeh is an 11th Century Rom, fresh out of India and joining Arabs. Lately she has been exploring post Mongolian-conquest Persia, with a focus on the Safavids. She will be using this during the reign.


Queen's Champions


Date Event Notes
9/8/2007 Crown
9/9 Day of Meetings
9/15-9/16 Collegium
9/28-9/30 Estrella Treaty Negotations Edric Only
9/29 Angels Anniversary Faizeh Only
10/2-10/8 Great Western War
10/13 Dun Or Anniversary
11/10 Coronation
11/11 Queen's Champion
11/17 Frost Dragon
11/24 Medieval Marketplace
12/1 Wintermist Anniversary
12/8 Angels/Altavia Yule
12/15 Dun Or Yule Edric Only
1/5/2008 12th Night
1/6 Laurel's Meeting
1/19 Angels Melee Faizeh Only
1/26 Unbelted
1/27 Pelican's Meeting
2/2 Festival of the Rose
2/12-2/18 Estrella
3/1 Starkhafn Anniversary
3/9 Chivalry Meeting
3/11-3/16 Gulf Wars
3/21-3/23 Western Crown Edric Only
3/29 Al-Sahid Anniversary Faizeh Only
4/12 Crown Tourney
4/18-4/20 La Prova Dura (West Kingdom)
4/27 Collegium
5/10 Altavia Anniversary
5/17 Nordwache Pirate Tourney Edric Only
5/22-5/26 Potrero War
6/7 Coronation

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