Dauid Eadwines sune

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Lord David
Preferred title: Not specified
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Resides: Altavia
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Lord Dauid Eadwines sune received an Award of Arms on 04/30/2005 from TRM Direk IV and Chamayn


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  • Also known as David ap Eadwyn

Lord Dauid Eadwines sune (David Edwinson) was born soon after the Norman Invasion of England. His family was disposessed by Norman nobles, forcing Dauid to find wealth elsewhere. At a young age, he was sent to attend grammar school, in the hopes that one day, he would attend Canterbury, the country's oldest school. Their wish was granted, and Dauid was able to study law at Canturbury. Dauid went on to become a lawyer. He hopes to one day become a judge in the Court of Assizes. In the meantime, he is content to provide legal information regarding SCA-period legal issues to fellow nobles throughout the Knowne World.

In addition to his practice of the law, Dauid has the honor of being squired to Sir Cedric the Just, former Baron of Oldenfeld and current Trimaris Kingdom Deputy Earl Marshal for Experimental Weapons. Dauid also enjoys making cordials, and hopes to expand his horizons to the brewing of ale and mead.

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  • Archery – IKAC: 2009 – Open Bow



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