Canu Rhiannon

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Rhiannon o Hafan Gath A Chronicle of Spring Crown Tourney A.S. XLII

Canu Rhiannon

(englyn milwr)

Hafan Gath is dark tonight
A thin moon the only light
Mist lends it a shroud of white

How different from the day
How dim where bright sun once lay
Green and gold turned ashen gray

Torches cold along the walls
Shadows pad the empty halls
Echoing their plaintive calls

“Rhiannon,” they softly purr
But they catch no scent of her
No soft touch upon their fur

“Our lady’s gone?” they demand
“No warm smile? No gentle hand?
“This grief feels too strong to stand.”

Alas! Alas, Rhiannon.
It’s cold now that you have gone
Why’d you have to steal the sun?

Hafan Gath is dark, but then
The whole world’s darker when
We’ll not see her like again.

Wylkyn ap Kenwrec
... loved her like a sister and misses her terribly.


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