Candace of Dragonstower

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Gules, a tower sable fimbriated, overall a dragon passant Or
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Lady Jaelithe of Dragonstower (registered given name: Candace) has been a member of the Barony of the Angels since the early 1970s.


Offices & Positions

  • Hosted meetings of the Angels Costume Guild in the 1970s

Event Staff

A&S Interests

(From "The Caid Newsletter No. 1", September 1974):

Lady Jaelithe of Dragonstower is now compiling a list of the books within the Barony (Angels) that can be used for reference, research, etc. If you have any books on Medieval or Renaissance costumes, history, crafts, etc. (including good fiction), please take the time to make a list of said books, including author & publisher and send it to (deleted). Between us all, we must have quite a "working library" of books which would be of great use to the Barony. (This should extend, eventually, to the whole Principality, of course). Idea: mark the books which you'd gladly loan out & those which must be read in your own home--which will not be loaned out, but are available for reference.