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written for Festival of the Rose 2008 by Eilidh Swann

Caid, the Kingdom of Caid
C - A - I - D, Caid!

C for Calafia
Way down in our southern port
The Trident guards our south
In Caid


A for Angels
Guards us in the middle
The dread gold and red
Of Caid


I for Isles
That guards us in our northern port
Isles is the Crimson Tower
Of Caid


D for Dreiburgen
Guards us in the desert
Towers three of blue and white
Of Caid


Caidan kids song.png


I was reading through the "Responsibilities of the Bard of Caid" and noticed that they included "Perform at the request of anyone five (5) years of age or younger." I haven't known many small children 3, 4, or 5 years old who are aware of this responsibility, and that they have the power to beg for songs, but I determined I should be pro-active and have a song ready for all the children (old and young) that they could sing. And what better opportunity to teach a little kingdom history at the same time? The name of the Kingdom came from the first four Baronies in our area, which were Calafia (the San Diego areas), Angels (central Caid and Los Angeles), Isles (all of the north: from Lompoc to Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties), and Dreiburgen (the entire eastern and desert regions). At the writing of this song, it was the 43rd year of the Kingdom and there were 17 Shires and Baronies in those original four regions.

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