Caidan Fight Song

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Caidan Fight Song by Eilidh Swann written for Estrella War 2008

Fight for Caid
Fight for the Silver and Blue
Fight for Caid
Fight for honor true

Call and Response Verses

When I was young, I dreamt of glory (echo)
The Kings and Queens of old Caid (echo)
So charge my glass, I'll tell my story (echo)
And to this call I'll always heed (echo)

To Fight for Caid... [CHORUS]

When I went out to meet the Sergeant (echo)
Asked if he'd teach me to fight (echo)
(he said) "Would you follow where your King went? (echo)
There's more to fightin' than swords and might." (echo)

So Fight for Caid... [CHORUS]

I got some armor and an old helmet (echo)
I practiced hard and I practiced long (echo)
Meanest Captain that you ever met (echo)
Taught me well and he sung this song (echo)

To Fight for Caid... [CHORUS]

With my brethren, form the shield wall (echo)
Painted crescent and field of blue (echo)
I'll raise my sword when I hear my King's Call (echo)
And charge the enemy through and through (echo)

To Fight for Caid... [CHORUS]

Battles many that I've fought in (echo)
Melee, skirmish, or field of war (echo)
'Though you're a newbie or a veteran (echo)
We're all Caidan to the Core! (echo)

So Fight for Caid... [CHORUS]

If I should die on field of honor (echo)
Carry my name throughout the Hall (echo)
Bury me in my favorite armor (echo)
Then take that Battle and Stand up Tall!! (echo)

To Fight for Caid... [CHORUS]

Memorial Verse

The final verse is in loving memory of Lord Al, companion of the Corde Guerre (postumous), from Starkhafn, Caid -- Whose first battle was Estrella XXIV, 2008, and who died on Field of Honor. His name will be carried throughout the Hall, forever.

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