Brew Entry Number 9

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A filk of Love Potion Number 9 written by Agnes Wurtman as a nod to The Brewers' Guild of Caid's brewing contests. First performed at Dreiburgen Bardic Circle on 10/28/2021 by Agnes.

Brew Entry Number 9

It rained at war: the battlefield was mud.
The heavies fought their bouts knee deep in crud.
But when the brewers met off of Bakersfield and 5,
Ramvoldus brought his bottle of brew entry number 9.

I told him that our camp was 0 for 10.
It's been this way since Great West 2010.
He went to a box and he pushed aside a stein.
He said what you need is brew entry number 9.

He bent down and turned around and went to the shade.
He said I'm gonna mix the cordial here in the glade.
It smelled like turpentine and looked like pink lemonade
I held my nose, I closed my eyes, I was afraid!

I must have blacked out at the meet and greet:
Completely lost track of the judging sheet,
But when they posted photos from Bakersfield and 5,
It showed me grinning holding up brew entry number 9.

da-dup da-dup da-dup taste an entry
dup da-dup da-dup judge an entry
da-dup da-dup da-dup taste an entry
I held my nose, I closed my eyes, it made the grade.

They told me afterward the night was fun
That cordial entry number 9 had won,
But when they took the winners' photo in a line
No one could pry my hands off [hic] brew entry number 9.

Brew entry number 9 (drink safely)
Brew entry number 9 (don't drink and drive)
Brew entry number 9 (this is fiction)
Brew entry number 9.

Agnes Wurtman