Angel of the Tiny Hooves

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Angel of the Tiny Hooves 2016.png
Angel of the Tiny Hooves with Kora Aelfbairn, Courtney of the White Meadow, and Guene Annwyll
Status: Active & Cute
Owner(s): Courtney of the White Meadow

Angel of the Tiny Hooves was declared Equus Primus Caidus by Their Majesties of Caid at the SCA 50 Year Celebration.

Registered name: Hangin' Tree Liddle Sweet Success

Color: Silver Dapple

Breed: American Miniature Horse

Sex: Female

Born: June 18, 2004

Home Territory: (Altavia)


The Herald's Words (or pretty close to): In the year of Anno Societatis 48, Their Majesties of Calontir, Agamememnon and Gwen, bestowed upon one Kacey of the Flaming Hooves the title of Ippo Proti of Calontir for his service to and for his Kingdom. This day, Their Majesties Caid would recognize Their own Angel of the Tiny Hooves as Equus Primus Caidus.
Baroness Cecilia Medici: "Angel you have been of such great service to this Barony, from delivering ice, to giving rides, to pulling chariots, going to 50 year and participating. It is my honor to give you this sable fret. It's (the medallion and cord) not food, don't eat it." [Video of Ceremony]