Altavia's Agincourt Anniversary Archery Tourney 2005

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Location: Altavia
Date: 5/1/2003

From the Crown Prints

Altavia's Agincourt Anniversary Archery Tourney September 11, 2005

The Barony of Altavia invites you to join us at out lovely Woodley Park archery range to once again celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, where archers won the day for the English army!

The order of the day is novelty shoots and games! In the process we'll also determine this year's Altavian Archery Champion!

Young archers of Caid are welcome as well. There will be recognition of those youngsters who excel, as well as the adults. Persons 14 through 17 years of age may participate if they have passed the proper authorizations and have a properly executed minor's waiver and medical authorization form on their person. Persons under 14 years of age may participate in archery competitions as long as they have passed the appropriate authorizations and have a parent or legal guardian in attendance at the event with them.

Schedule of the Day

8 am Site opens and Authorizations begin
9 am Lists open
10 am Opening Court
5 am Closing Court
6 am Site Closes


Woodley Park is 6331 Woodley Avenue in Van Nuys, Ca. 91406 in the Sepulveda Dam Basin Recreation Area, between Burbank and Victory.

Children are welcome at the site, but must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.

Pets are allowed in the park area, but not within the confines of the archery range.

Unfortunately, broadheads and crossbows are not allowed at Woodley Park.

THIS IS A DRY SITE. Seriously - this is a dry site.


Are welcome within the confines of the archery range. Please contact the event autocrat for merchanting information and reservations.

Site Fee

$4.00 for members. Children under 12 are guests of the Barony. A $3.00 non-member surcharge will apply. Make checks payable to: "SCA, Inc. / Barony of Altavia".


Take your favorite freeway to the 405 and journey to the San Fernando Valley.

(From South of the event, that's the 405 North. From North of the event, that's the 5 South to the 405 South.)

Exit at Burbank Blvd and turn West. The Sepulveda Basin is now to your right (if you cross Sepulveda Blvd - you are going the wrong way). At Woodley, turn right. Look for a sign that bears the legend "Japanese Gardens". Turn right towards the gardens. Just before entering the gardens, turn right on the access road that traverses that park picnic grounds. Continue along this road until you reach a traffic circle. The Archery range is on the left, up the hill. Parking is limited up near the range - the constabulary will be able to direct you to appropriate parking.

Event Autocrat

James Everglad

Schedule of the Day

8 am Site opens
10 am Opening Court
Lists close 1/2 hour after close of court
5 pm Closing Court
Revel starts 1/2 hour after close of court
11 pm Revel ends



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