Agelos Evienece

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Agelos and Titus the warhorse
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: An Tir
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Sable, in pale a wolf's head cabossed and two swords in saltire, within an orle argent
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THLord Agelos Evienece.

Agelos started playing SCA over 30 years ago when Caid was a Principality. He helped form the Barony of Gyldenholdt and served as its first Baronial Marshal. For his service to Gyldenholdt, he received the baronial Service award. With Sir Armand de Sevigny, he created and led the Caidan warband, the Lance of St. John. Many Caidan Queens asked him to serve on Caid's Queen's Guard (Composed of the best Unbelted Heavy Weapons fighters ). For his fighter prowess, he received Caid's Crescent Sword award . As a fighter when living in the Barony of Dreiburgen, he received the Illuminated Tower for combat skills and a second time for Equestrian Arts. He was a Senior HW Marshal for Caid for over 20 years.

In An Tir he is also a Senior Heavy Weapons Marshal; he was the founding Marshal of Shire of Earnrokke. He was the first Caidan Kingdom Equestrian Officer when Equestrian arts was finally placed under the Marshallate. Prior to that he served on the governing body of the Caid Academy of Equestrian Arts for several years as a Regent and was one of the first Caidan Kingdom Equestrian Marshal. As a Regent he helped formulate the regulations of the first Caid Kingdom Equestrian Event Handbook. This Handbook was the first such in the Known World and served as the basis of every Kingdom Equestrian Handbook thereafter including the first SCA-wide Equestrian Handbook. Agelos has autocratted many EQ events. He serves often as the EMIC and EM as well. Most importantly he is the main person who sets up the Equestrian equipment at the beginning of the Tourneys and he is always there to take it down. He also is the one who hauls it to and from events and keeps it in good repair. He was given the honor of serving on the Caidan Queen's Horse Guard several times through the years. He was the champion of many Equestrian Tournaments. For his Equestrian skill he received the Kingdom Arts award of the Harp Argent and the Baronial Arts award of the Illuminated Tower for Equestrian Arts. In An Tir he has won the 'Best Rider' in the Emprise of the Black Lion I and the Primus Equus in the Emprise of the Black Lion III. he was the Overall Champion of the Emprise of the Black Lion IV. In An Tir he is an Equestrian Marshal since he has lived there for the past 13 years. In that capacity he has served as the EMIC of Equestrian events. As in Caid he is the one who hauls the equipment to and from events that need it here in the northern area Region. He keeps it in repair, sets it up and takes it down. He has taught Equestrian weapons handling, Most notably at the Lions Gate Equestrian Ithra, but also at monthly Midhaven Equestrian Practices. He performs Equestrian demos at events. He was the champion of 2 AN TIR Equestrian Tourneys. He was the past KEO of Caid (1995-6) and of An Tir (2004-6) and had written the 3rd revision of the AN TIR Book of the Horse.

He is a member of the Company of the Sable Rose of An Tir under the Grand Patroness, Duchess Angharad. He has his own Professional Jousting troupe, JOUSTABOUT JOUSTABOUT, is married to THL Donwenna Beast Healer of Hawksheye‎ and has two children. His warhorse Titus, a Trakhener who started life out as a polo pony, is recently deceased after many years of carrying his master to great feats of victory on the tourney circuit. For more about Agelos and the Company of St Anne, the premier mounted tournament company, go to The Lance of St. Anne


Agelos was born in 1072 the third son of Geraldus Evienece, first son of Anicet Evienece who had taken Gunnar Redaxe's only daughter Alvar to wife.

Gunnar, as a young man, had joined his friend and commander Harald Hardrade on many adventures before following Harald to the great city of Constantinople. There Harald commanded the personal guard to the emperor. The Varangian guard is known to this day for their loyalty and ferocity. Gunnar as one of Harald's lieutenants traveled throughout the middle east, sacking cities that were slow to pay tribute to the emperor. As the Norsemen grew rich with plunder their children became more attractive as wives and husbands to the local merchant families. Such is the case with Alvar who had captured the heart of Anicet Evienece second son of a wealthy merchant family. Tragically one year after the marriage, Anicet was killed when the caravan he led was attacked leaving Alvar a widow and heavy with child.

Alvar was denied her inheritance from the Evienece family and with no where else to go rejoined her father Gunnar. Born to Alvar was a boy she named Geraldus Evienece. Gunnar raised his grandson and taught him all the skills worthy of a Varangian. After spending many years in Constantinople Harald gather what riches he had not sent north already and set out on the long journey to his homeland to claim the throne of Norway. Gunnar spent many years with Harald consolidating his kingdom when news reached Harald of the death of King Edward of England. Always ready to make use of the circumstances that fate had bestowed, Harald mounted a force to back his claim as heir to the throne of England. Gunnar set sail with his grandson Geraldus for England who had grown into a large man skilled in the ways of war. After landing in England Harald met little resistance until he came to York. There he faced the armies of Edwin Of Mercia and Morkere of Northumbria. The battle was short but sharp. Harald's army took few casualties but among them was Geraldus Evienece (Gunnar's only male heir), gravely wounded. While Harald's army celebrated Gunnar concerned with the survival of his bloodline sent Geraldus back to the ships to return to Norway at the first opportunity.Four days later Harold Godwinson appeared with a great army and defeated Harald Hardrade at Stamford Bridge. In the carnage that followed Gunnar fell beside Harald, and Geraldus escaped to safety in the north.

Geraldus eventually settled in the northern marches and there he became a prosperous armorer, and maker of weapons. Geraldus married and his wife bore him three sons. Geraldus trained his sons in the mysteries of the forge and the use of weapons. Agelos as the third son had little to look forward to for an inheritance so upon coming of age with the gift of a horse, weapons, and armor from his father he set out in the world to make his fortune.

From his father Agelos had learned to fight man to man, and he had learned these lessons well. Traveling south Agelos soon found work in 1089 as a mercenary with the forces of William II in their efforts to consolidate the border between England and Scotland. It is here that Agelos learned the art of mass tactics, and the construction of fortifications. His fascination with these matters brought him to the attention of a grizzled old veteran eager to pass on his knowledge to a promising young man. His fighting skill began to show during the numerous skirmishes with raiding Scots. By 1096 Agelos had risen to command a garrison in one of William's fortified towns. It seemed that Agelos had risen as high as was possible for a man that was neither a Norman or a knight but it was at this time he and his garrison came to the aid of the king's brother Henry. Henry and Agelos had become friends. They had in common that they were both the youngest sons and not likely to inherit their father's fortunes. While it's true that Henry's father had considerably more wealth than did the Father of Agelos, Henry still found a sympathetic ear on the subject. Henry had no expectation of assuming the throne since William had every intention of dying of old age. When in public Agelos behaved as would any one of his station towards the king's brother, in private they spoke as one fighting man to another.

In 1100 William II suffered a "hunting accident" and was mortally wounded by a crossbow bolt. As the only son of William the Conqueror left the duty fell to Henry. When Henry I took the throne he offered Agelos the post of commander of the king's guard. Great-grandfather would have been proud.

Office & Positions

Heavy Weapons

  • Caid Queen's Guard (twice)---Diana
  • Caid Queen's Guard---Lynn
  • Caid Queen's Guard-- Cassandra


  • Caid Queen's Horse Guard--Trista 1991
  • An Tir Royal Horse Guard --2005
  • Interkingdom Equestrian Champion AS 36 , AS 37, AS 38, AS 39 (this is the first time IKEQC has been won four times by the same person)
  • Overall Champion of the Black Lion Emprise twice and Primus Equis once.
  • Champion (Dragon's Laire) - Oct 31 AS 36 / 2001 -June 2005 and October 2006 and Oct 2007
  • Seneschal of the Shire of Earnrokke

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