A Praise Poem for Seamus O'Caelligh

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Baron Giles (on the left), and Viscount Seamus at An Tir Twelfth Night 2019, during his Laurel elevation.

A Praise Poem for Seamus O’Caelligh

It is the custom of the Kingdom of An Tir that candidates for the peerage are preceeded into their Elevation Court by a herald reciting words of praise for their accomplishments, valor, service, and so on. This poem was written for the elevation of Viscount Seamus O’Caelligh to the Order of the Laurel, for his expertise in medieval and renaissance herbal and medical lore. Master Seamus is the author of Pustules, Pestilence and Pain: Tudor Treatments and Ailments of Henry VIII

Obedient to Your lawful summons,
And ready to leave the ranks of the commons,
To happy plaudits and resounding cheers,
Seamus O’Cellaigh now appears.

Blessed with a quick and a ready wit
His learning accomplished, a fully packed kit--
His pillbox is full, his fleam sharp and ready,
His book is now finished, his hand is quite steady.

Proud son of the Summits, his skill is wide-famed
And his face with golden locks is framed.
His knowledge of plants is a little scary
And some few know that his toes are hairy.

Born in Clogh Shiúrdáin [1], on the Emerald Isle
He has lived in An Tir for quite a while.
Youngest son of an elderly father
An enormous estate did not him bother.

He makes his way with his skill and his mind
His potions and tinctures are fully refined.
His students are many, his volumes are varied,
And his few mistakes have been quietly buried.

The Laurels are mighty, the Laurels are pretty,
Their knowledge is great and their converse is witty.
Their numbers, alas, are now incomplete,
And you’ve summoned them all to kneel at your feet.

His procession is finished, and he now stands before you
Ready to speak and to swear and adore you.
Here to be Laureled -- a mighty fine felly--
I’m proud to present to you Seamus O’Caelligh!

--Giles Hill

  1. Pronounced "Clowjordan"