Sparkes of Starkhafn

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Starkhafn Order Sparke-Colour-rd.png
Per chevron azure estencely argent, and sable, a chevron, a bordure argent
Award Information
Type: Non-armigerous Baronial award
Founded: 1999 by Conall and Aoibheall
Premiere(s): Foxglove Ironoak, Jason of Starkhafn, Miguel of Starkhafn & Trey of Starkhafn
Recipients: Visit the Order of Precedence.

The Order of the Sparkes of Starkhafn is a youth award bestowed by the Baronage of Starkhafn. The symbol of the Order is a spark-covered field; "for as a spark can ignite a great fire, so will such children kindle the productive flames of tomorrow’s barony and society."


Created in May 1999 by Their Excellencies Conall and Aoibheall


The following badge associated with this name was registered in May of 1999 (via Caid): Per chevron azure estencely argent, and sable, a chevron, a bordure argent.


From Starkhafn's website | Orders, Awards, and Honours in the Society:

"Our children represent the hope and promises of the barony. In their actions we see reflected our own endeavors, behavior and demeanor. When one of tender years shows special promise and enthusiasm, it brings honour and joy to the barony, and is especially worthy of the notice of the Baron and Baroness. Thus was created the Order of the Sparkes of Starkhafn, to recognize those youths who have displayed outstanding effort beyond their years."