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December is Caid Blood Donation Month and Challenge

December is one of the slowest months for blood donation in a typical year. When you combine the distraction of holiday shopping with the increase in accidents due to bad weather and alcohol consumption, you can see where the blood supply levels can become dangerously low at the end of the year.

The annual Challenge is Caid's effort to counteract the December blood donation slow down, and to lend a hand when it's most needed.

The Challenge was started by Lady Ysoude de Rochester in 2006.

For more information please contact Lady Ysoude de Rochester

Caid has donated 80 pints, saving up to 240 lives, during the 3 Blood Challenges!


Challenge Winners

Caid Blood Challenge Winners

Year # of Contributions Winning Group
2008 18 Altavia
2007 35 Altavia
2006 29 Gyldenholt

Click on year to see complete announcement and Final Totals!

How it works

Between December 1st and 31st, donate blood or platelets at your local blood bank (see Blood Bank Contact Information) or hospital, then contact Lady Ysoude de Rochester

With the following information:

  • The blood bank or organization where you made your donation
  • Your blood donation number
  • The name of the geopolitical group to credit

Get your friends and family to donate also, and send Lady Ysoude their info ... Everyone is welcome! Hint: you can donate platelets twice in the month!

The winning area will receive the honor of recognition at Twelfth Night and their name will be added to the challenge champion banner which they may display for the next year.

Blood Bank Contact Information doesn't matter where you donate...just donate!

Who Can Donate and How Often?

  • To donate you must be at least 16 years old (parental consent form required for 16 and 17 year olds), weigh at least 110 lbs and be in good health at the time of your donation
    • "In good health" means that you feel well and can perform normal activities. If you have an on-going health condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure and the condition is under control after treatment, you are considered healthy. Other aspects of your health history are discussed prior to each blood donation and you may be considered ineligible to donate based on your response.
  • You must wait one year before you may donate after getting a tattoo (a Federal Regulation).
  • You may donate whole blood up to six times a year and you may donate platelets (used most often for leukemia and other cancer patients) approximately every two weeks or up to twenty-four times a year.