Traveling Back Home to Caid

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Traveling Back Home to Caid

A song inspired by my frequent travels to other kingdoms and how nice it is to go home. by THL Meala Caimbuel

To the Tune of Westering Home

and we’re Westering Home with a song in our heart,
Happy to travel and practice our art.
We’ve made some new friends, but it’s time to depart,
Traveling Back Home to Caid.

A long time ago when we split from the west,
Serpents and Angels and Towers did contest,
to wear the new crown they did fight their best,
And started the Kingdom of Caid


To Outlands we’ll travel ‘neith Atenveldt’s sun,
Midrealm, Trimaris, or Northshield for fun,
Across the wide ocean, to Lochach we’ll run,
But always come back home to Caid.


Foreign wars fill up our calendar year,
Estrella, then Gulf wars, Lillies, West An Tir,
On field of battle, we will show no fear,
And come home with honors for Caid.

Chorus, (slow down on the last line for a Big Finish)