Summer Coronation 2021

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TRMs Pansa and Katherine
Location: Wintermist
Date: 07/11/2021

Event Staff


From the Crown Prints

The Barony of Wintermist invites you to celebrate as the Royal Heirs, Pansa & Katherine take seat upon the Thrones of Caid. In the shining heat of summer, come and revel with your Kingdom and surrounding friends as we celebrate this glorious day. We will be hosting a largess competition to help our new Royals get off to a great start.

Wintermist (Bakersfield, CA) is well known for its HOT summer weather. We urge you to dress appropriately for the weather and stay hydrated. Cold water will be made available free of charge. Please note that portions of this event will be videotaped. By attending, you are agreeing to have your likeness recorded and shared to social media channels.

Picnic: Due to rapidly changing SCA guidelines, lunch and dinner might not be provided. However, we encourage you to join us for a picnic. You are encouraged to share your favorite period recipes on the book of faces. Please check the website or Facebook for more information.

Site: Redeemer Lutheran Church, 2525 Belle Terrace, Bakersfield, CA 93309. This is a damp site. Please no open flames or pets inside of the chapel or hall.

Schedule: 8:00am: Site opens 11:00am or TRM’s pleasure: Opening court TBA: Picnic 9:00pm: Site closes

Adult Event Registration: $13. Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $8. Children 17 and under are guests of the Barony. Please make checks payable to SCA, Inc./ Barony of Wintermist. The event cap is 250 people, as required by the site. Therefore pre-registration is required for this event. Payment will be accepted at the door.

Largess derby entries should include sixteen functional items representing each of the shires and baronies of Caid, which will be given by the Crown to those areas. Groups or individuals can enter, and the style of representation is up to the entrants. Her Majesty is looking forward to this demonstration of the creativity and skill of Caid's artisans, as well as acknowledging those entries which best meet this criteria. Please make sure each entry is clearly marked with relevant information, such as what it is, who made it, materials or ingredients used, and any expiration date.


Please feel free to add your memories!


Selection of Largesse Photos

Photos above by Bridget Lucia MacKenzie and Kirsten O'Brien.

Scrolls Presented at Coronation

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Image Preview Award Recipient
Coronation summer 2021 22.jpg Pelican AEthelred the Jute
Coronation summer 2021 23.jpg Duchy Alexander Aethelwulf and Tahira al-Fahida
Coronation summer 2021 23a.jpg Detail of Duchy Alexander Aethelwulf and Tahira al-Fahida
Coronation summer 2021 9.jpg Augmentation of Arms Aliskye Rosel
Coronation summer 2021 1.jpg Award of Arms Alysandra the Whyte Moor
Coronation summer 2021 10.jpg Dolphin Caitríona Dhubh inghean Mhic Laisre
Coronation summer 2021 14.jpg Court Barony Cassandra de Lorrain
Coronation summer 2021 15.jpg Harp Argent Ceallachan Ell
Coronation summer 2021 2.jpg Award of Arms Galien Crow
Coronation summer 2021 11.jpg Dolphin Isabeau d'Aquitaine
Coronation summer 2021 3.jpg Award of Arms Jordan Sigriðardottir
Coronation summer 2021 16.jpg Crescent of Caid Katherine of Hornechurch
Coronation summer 2021 17.jpg Pelican Lasairiona inghean Gheibheannaigh
Coronation summer 2021 4.jpg Award of Arms Lucia Traveler
Coronation summer 2021 18.jpg Pelican Malcolm Alberic
Coronation summer 2021 19.jpg Pelican Manus le Dragonier
Coronation summer 2021 5.jpg Award of Arms Michael Roy Mor
Coronation summer 2021 20.jpg Lux Caidis Paul fitz Denis
Coronation summer 2021 12.jpg Dolphin Pompilina Tokesone
Coronation summer 2021 21.jpg Argent Blade Roisin ni Brian
Coronation summer 2021 6.jpg Award of Arms Rycharde the Bowemon
Coronation summer 2021 7.jpg Award of Arms Sorcha ingen Flaind
Coronation summer 2021 23a.jpg Duchy Tahira al-Fahida and Alexander Aethelwulf
Coronation summer 2021 23.jpg Duchy Tahira al-Fahida and Alexander Aethelwulf
Coronation summer 2021 8.jpg Award of Arms Tessa de Pirro
Coronation summer 2021 13.jpg Dolphin Wihtstan Gravenor

Event Recording

A recording of the livestreamed Coronation is available here.

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