St. Geronimus Tournament 1994

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St Geronimus at Rubidoux.jpg
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Location: Dreiburgen Butterfield Park, Corona, CA
Date: 02/26/1994

Saint Geronimus is the patron Saint of the Barony of Dreiburgen.

Event Staff

Autocrat & Official Cow-Haver: Lord Wiat the Odd


Dreiburgen's annual tribute to Saint Geronimus, benevolent patron of atmospheric contaminants, nasty sunburns and minor skin lesions

  • Heavy weapons List
  • Nose Melee (defend that carrot with your Life!)
  • The Calafian Brawl
  • Team Sheep Stealing
  • Contest: Best Relic of St. Geronimus
  • Contest: Best Tale of St. Geronimus
  • Contest: Sheep Stuffing
  • Dessert Revel

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