Pennsic War 2009 Poetry

From Compendum Caidis
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Court Heraldry at Pennsic War 2009 by Court Herald Giles Hill.

Closing Ceremonies Start (unused)

Far from Caid we’ve journied eastward,
And greetings from our home we bring.
Now hear the words of Mora and Edward,
Of Caid the Queen and the King.

Closing Ceremonies End (unused)

The Court of Edward and Mora is ending;
Their majesties’ words have been heard.
Homeward our way we soon will be wending,
And this cheer our hearts now does stir:
Long Live the King! Long Live the Queen! Long Live Caid!

Opening of Court

Far away is the realm of royal Caid
The warm ocean waves wash the sand
And far have we journied and tired are our steeds
And we’re come to this green pleasant land.
Although we are far from our hearth and our home
Where the crescents so gallantly wave
Caid journies with us wherever we roam
And we’re guarded by warriors brave.
This is the high court of Edward and Mora,
the sovereigns of royal Caid
let all be silent, and nature be quiet
and to their good words, pay heed.

Closing of Court

There being no business that’s left to transact
We come to the end of this Court
Our arrows are racked and our bags are all packed
And we’re heading for Caid’s home port.
Now Edward our King, both mighty and strong
Of him do the minstrels all sing.
And lasts long the song, sounding all the day long
Long live the King! Long live the King!
For Mora, our Lady, who makes us rejoice
And who frequently dresses in green
Let us cry with glad hearts, with a loud and clear voice
Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen!
Noble the kingdom we honor and love,
And noble our hearts and our deeds,
With our mighty shout let the prayer ring out:
Long live Caid!
Hip Hip, Hurrah! Hip Hip, Hurrah! Hip Hip, Hurrah!