Jest of Darkwell A.S.XLI

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By Baron Malcolm AlbericRRE

Darkwell A.S.XLI

Everything in this account happened just as I have written….Sort of…

As summer waxes, it seems that there is always trouble to the north. In the past we have usually been made aware of any advancing armies in time to catch them in the pass north of Dun Or, but this time they slipped by us. An army of Saracen’s managed to silently march over the pass and into Dun Or where they captured the cities before word could be sent of their attack.

When the news arrived, I put forth the call for the troops of Dreiburgen to join me and readied my horses for a swift ride. Word came back that I could expect many of the Dreiburgen Light Horse to join the fight, so with confidence I set out for Dun Or.

The wind was harsh when I entered our encampment to find His Lordship Conan and Lord Ulfblood pitching their tents. Greeting them, I continued my search to learn who else was in camp. I discovered the Fifth Brigade drilling by torchlight, readying themselves for the battle to come. I myself made camp near Their Majesties, where I found Baron Darius and His Lordship Donal. I pitched my small tent and made a bed from my saddle blankets.

As the evening wore on I began to worry. Where were my horsemen? Answers came later that night. A sandstorm had forced most of them to turn back, and only Elzbeta was able to make it through. We helped her pitch camp in the driving winds, then all settled in for the night. Sleep was not easy. I wondered how many men the army of Mohammed had safely ensconced in that city, and worried that not enough of our soldiers had answered the call. The flapping of my tent in the strong wind did not help much either.

The next morning I built a small cook fire just inside the flap of my tent that blocked the unceasing wind, and began to fix myself some breakfast. I had just finished and was packing up my cook kit when the call came through the camp. A large group of Saracen’s had emerged from the city and was moving on us.

Fire out! Forget the pans! Where’s my armor? I scrambled into it and raced for the battle line. By the time I arrived the battle was already engaged. There was no line  men were everywhere! I found His Lordship Brennos fighting off three attackers. I ran to his side and we quickly dispatched them. I then found myself facing two other spearmen, which I managed to take out. The scene was chaos. I was moving back and forth, using some old stone works as a defensive position while we tried to reform the line. I can’t remember the last engagement in which I had killed so many in such a short time. Then it happened.

I saw a sword blade come across my eye slots and a voice behind me told me of my coming demise….as my blood flowed and I began to fall I turned to see my attacker; before everything went black I was able to make out the red sir coat of a solider from my own side….

It was from a hospitable bed that I had to learn of our victory in Dun Or, and how Lord Neuschel der Grau won recognition for his prowess in archery during the war.

Murphy’s Laws of Combat
19. Friendly fire – isn’t.