Sven and Kolfinna

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Sven and Kolfinna at their stepping up Coronation
Sovereign: Sven Orfhendur
Consort: Kolfinna kottr
Caid Crown #: 57
Preceded by: Dirk V and Chamayn II
Succeeded by: Edric IV and Faizeh

Their Majesties, Sven and Kolfinna, were the 57th Crown of Caid. Their reign included all things Viking and silly Sven names. They reigned 06/03/2006-11/1/2006.


Viking era, specifically 9th century Danish from Hedeby.





Date (2006) Event Location
April 8 Crown Tournament Barony of Dun Or
April 9 Privy Council Barony of Dun Or
April 21-23 Treasure Chest War Barony of Nordwache
April 29 Altavia Anniversary Barony of Altavia
May 13 Darach Anniversary Shire of Darach
May 26-28 Potrero War / Princesses Tea Barony of Calafia
June 3 Coronation Barony of Lyondemere
June 4 Queen’s Champion Barony of Lyondemere
June 10 Principality of Caid Tournament Barony of Altavia
June 12-18 Lilies War Kingdom of Calontir
June 24 Gyldenholt Anniversary Barony of Gyldenholt
July 1 CP Prize Barony of the Angels
July 8 Heatherwyne Anniversary Shire of Heatherwyne
July 9 Laurels Meeting
July 15 Carreg Wen Anniversary Shire of Carreg Wen
July 16 Pelicans Meeting
July 22 Lyondemere Anniversary Barony of Lyondemere
July 28-30 Darkwell War Barony of Dun Or
August 5 Darach Pirate Tournament Shire of Darach
August 12-20 Pennsic War Kingdom of AEthelmearc
August 26 Festival of the Rose Barony of Lyondemere
August 27 Chivalry Meeting
September 1-4 Western Seas Baronial Coronet Barony of Western Seas
September 9 KWAR Barony of Lyondemere
September 10 Law Meeting
September 16 Crown Barony of Dreiburgen
September 17 Privy Council Barony of Dreiburgen
September 30 Angels Anniversary Barony of the Angels
October 8 Queen’s Champion Equestrian Barony of Dreiburgen
October 14 Dun Or Anniversary Barony of Dun Or
October 21 Dreiburgen Anniversary (Sven) Barony of Dreiburgen
October 21 BoD Meeting (Kolfinna)
October 28-29 Estrella Treaty Negotiation Kingdom of Atenveldt
November 4-5 Calafia Anniversary Barony of Calafia
November 11 Coronation Barony of Calafia

Royal Whims

  • Sloths are a protected species in Caid, only Tigers may be allowed to hunt them.
  • For Our viewing pleasure, We would prefer the fighting field to be divided such that We can watch both Armored Combat and Rapier from the Royal pavilion.
  • The Sons of the Lorelei war band shall be known as the Sons of the “Thor”elei.
  • Cheese Pizza is a holy meal and those groups who provide it to His Royal Majesty Sven at their local events shall be blessed.
  • The Knights of the Privy (you know who you are!) shall always bear an item that emits a sweet and fresh aromatic scent.

Silly Sven Names

As published in the monthly Royals Column in the Crown Prints.

  • His Slothiness (June 2006)
  • Svenosaurus Rex (July 2006)
  • Svenry the VIII (Aug 2006)
  • Sventhur Pentdragon (Sept 2006)
  • Holy Roman Svenperor (Oct 2006)
  • Soon to be Count Svenula (Nov 2006)

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