Gyldenholt Unbelted 2009 Poetry

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Court Heraldry at Gyldenholt Unbelted 2009 by Court Herald Giles Hill.

Opening Court

One day a sloth came out to play
And to his people Sven did say
Draw nigh, an aisle be pleased to mark
And seat yourselves, for Court now starts.
Kolfinna likewise greets you here
And wishes you great joy and cheer
Unbelted champions will her please
And children draw about her knees.
Fair Gyldenholt bids you be seated
Hospitably you shall be treated
Though storm-clouds threaten and mists do play
Our tourney shall proceed this day.
Assembled is this royal court,
And soon shall we begin disport
So set you down, and have a peach
And listen to Sven’s opening speech!

Closing Court

We've finished the business of Caidan Court,
And closings, I think, should be cute and be short.
Let's cheer for Ursul--he's big and he's hairy;
All Gyldenholt's foes should of him be wary!
Her stature is low, but her heart it is braw;
For Collette and Ursul, now hip, hip, huzzah!
Sven is a Viking, and of us the king--
Throughout all the realm his praise do we sing!
Kolfinna's the Queen, and a fierce one, to boot--
And her staff is in charge of selecting the loot!
Our monarchs are splendid, and so we do say,
With our hearts and our voices, hip, hip, hurray!
Caid is the kingdom that we love the best
We're west of the Atens, and south of the West.
Our shores are washed in the blue of the sea,
And no kingdom's people are happy as we.
For the Crown and our people, for our customs and law:
Hip, hip, Hurrah! Hip, hip, Hurrah! Hip, hip, Hurrah!