Gyldenholt Anniversary 2009 Poetry

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Court Poetry at Gyldenholt Anniversary 2009 by Court Herald Giles Hill

Opening Court

Majestic Mora bids you come, prepare to take your ease
Upon the grassy lawn that spreads beneath these leafy trees.
Her Court begins, and time suspends, and splendor fills the skies
Awards and honors, tales and boasts and cries of glad surprize!
Collette and Ursul likewise greet, and bid you celebrate
The founding, thirty years ago, of Gyldenholt the great.
Our storied past, our glorious now, we all proclaim today
And hope you, gracious visitors, are pleased with this array.
So bide a spell and listen well, and wisdom will you hear
Dare not to speak nor glance away, miss not a word for fear
I trust that you have liked this small, this trifling little sonnet
But I’ll shut my face and leave a space for Mora’s opening comments!
We’ve gathered here to celebrate this barony’s natal day
And now that we are done with court, I am well pleased to say
That Mora, Ursul, and Collette, who rule all they survey
Are please to give you leave to serve the business of the day.

Closing Court

When in the course of our events
The time arrives to strike our tents
And steal away into the shade
Of night, and recollect the day,
We gather for a closing court
To honor those who excelled sport
And to bestow the victors crown
And word-praise, glory, and renown
So hearken now, and, quiet, let
Forth ring the words of Ursul and Collette!

Our revels now are ended, our tournament now ends
And homeward now we’ll wend our way, or go to dine with friends.
Remember well the time we shared, for here you cannot stay,
Take with you happy mem’ries of this festive, pleasant day.
We celebrate our histry now, and muse upon the past
The dusty passages of time with shadows now are cast.
Yet we may brighten gloomy days, when winds blow wet and cold
With thoughts of happy moments spent beneath the leaves of gold
So raise you all a hearty cheer, and with glad hearts now say
For Ursul and Collette ring out a hip hip hip HURRAY!
For Edward King and Mora Queen, whose hearts are hale and braw
Ring out a shout, for there’s no doubt we say hip hip HUZZAH!
For Royal Caid, now a cheer, to us the glory draw
hip hip HUZZAH! hip hip HUZZAH! hip hip HUZZAH!