For Kolfinna

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Elizabethan Sonnet by Petronilla de Chastelerault

Upon the earth the finest queen was she,
As beautiful as summer’s golden rose,
But on the battlefield a Valkyrie,
As swift and hard as northern ice her blows.
The foremost Lady Knight in all the land
Whose virtue shone from tourney field to court,
Was ever eager to extend a hand,
And with her grace lent everyone support.
A Pelican, a Duchess, and a Knight
Who could with smiles make the winter fly,
And led Caid as with a shining light
That shone from sea-floor to the vaulted sky.
And though she shook off life, and life’s deep scars,
She evermore shall rule amongst the stars.

This poem was written for Duchess Kolfinna kottr, whom everyone loved. She ruled our fine kingdom twice with Sven Orfthendur, was the first woman in Caid to become a knight, was a Pelican of the Society, and was my father’s knight.

She fell to H1N1 on October 1 of this year.

Godspeed, Kolfinna. We’ll miss you, Petra.