Fall Crown Tournament 2001

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Edric and Catalina.jpg
Edric and Catalina
Location: Gyldenholt
Mile Square Park
Fountain Valley, CA
Date: 09/15/2001

Duke Edric Aaron Hartwood fighting for Catalina Oro Sol defeated Sir Sven Örfhendur fighting for Therese of the White Griffin in the finals to win the title of Crown Prince and crown Catalina Crown Princess.

King Hauoc and Queen Ginevra of the West Kingdom were in attendance.



  • Please add your memories of this event

From Lachlan of Cromarty

  • This was a very memorable event, the first following 9/11. Everyone in the world was desperate to return to normal life. For us in the SCA, the most "normal" thing possible is dressing up in costumes and using assumed names. We went to that green grove under clear blue sky and could forget the modern world.
  • There was one reminder of what was going on outside: the American flag normally does not "fit" at an SCA event, but on that day the Stars and Stripes flew from the highest flagpole. (see the first photo below of Edric and Catalina, below)
  • Also, being that Catalina was at that time from Lyondemere, we happily rooted for Edric, the eventual winner.


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