Emprise of the Tilting Lance 2003

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The Tenans
Location: Dreiburgen
Date: 03/21-23/2003

Emprise of the Tilting Lance II


From the Crown Prints

The Emprise of the Tilting Lance II

All princes, lords, barons, knights, squires and honorable gentles of Caid and all other Christian kingdoms, who are not banished or enemies of the King and Queen of Caid:

Know that on the twenty-eigth day of the third month in the Barony of Dreiburgen in the Kingdom of Caid, there will be a very noble tourney with crests, coats of arms and horses covered with the arms of the noble tourneyers, as is the ancient custom; and at this tourney, which shall be known as the Emprise of the Tilting Lance II, there will be noble and rich prizes given by ladies and damsels.

Moreover, I announce to all of you princes, lords, barons, knights, squires and honorable gentles who intend to participate in the tourney that you must submit a Letter of Intent to compete (email acceptable) to the event autocrat before the twentieth day of the third month and so be found worthy to gain entrance to compete in this grand equestrian tournament.

As always, you are invited to bring your own beloved mount, or rent one from the kingdom stables (Prado Equestrian Center). If you intend to rent a horse, please call Prado directly at 909-597-5757 after 10 a.m. (horses are available on an hourly or day rate). The rental horses always sell out fast, so be sure to call immediately for your favorite destrier.

The site fee is $5.00. If you are a non SCA member there will be an additional $3.00 surcharge. Please make checks payable to SCA, Inc./Barony of Dreiburgen.

Schedule for the Event:

7:00 am Site opens for Setup (please join the setup crew) 9:00 am Practice and authorizations 11:00 am Emprise begins 12:00 pm lunch 1:00 pm Tournament resumes 5:00 pm site closes

The event will be held at the Prado Equestrian Center (dry site) located at 16629 Johnson Ave. In Chino CA, 91710. From the 91 Freeway exit Highway 71 and go North. Turn right on Euclid Ave (Butterfield Ranch/Euclid Ave Exit. Turn right on Pine Ave. Turn right on Johnson Ave and the equestrian center will be on your left.

Event Steward: Lord Nils Reiter


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From Nils Reiter

Unto the Equestrians of the Kingdom of Caid and the Knowne Worlde, doth Lord Nialls MacKeth, event steward for the Emprise of the Tilting Lance, sends greetings and thanks,

First and Foremost, I would like to thank my Lady wife Kalyst for all her help. I could not have thought up such beautiful site tokens. Nor could I have done much of anything without her aide.

Secondly, I’d like to thank Master Damales for helping me pull off the event, all his advice, and all of his encouragement. I could not have done it without him.

I did not expect too many people to come out Friday, but Master Damales had a good trail ride. We had 6 people encamped at our group encampment. Very low key with the exception of the Boy Scout troupe taking up all the other group encampments. It almost felt like a great western war.

Saturday was a great day with practice extending all day. The games were setup at 7am thanks to Master Damales for the help. Much thanks went to Jim the stable owner for extending our half day’s rental out to a full day (no extra charge!). Quite a few newcomers came out to try their hand at the games. I like practice days because it lets people who do not feel comfortable jumping right into the tourneys get some practice in or just want to get some schooling in. Very low key. I think everyone had fun. Next time we will run practice in the AM and IKEqC in the PM.

I would like to thank Lady Ceara for helping me ground crew all day Saturday. The Prado sun can be quite brutal. I’d also like to thank Lady Draga and Negoshka for helping me run gate and lists that first day. It being only a practice, we were very short on staff, but I think everything went fairly well.

Saturday night we had 6 people in the group camp. Much thanks to Lord Hob for his fire building skills as Prado sold me all green wood. I was wondering why the third bundle was free.

On to Sunday, I made it that far expecting the worst and praying for the best. It was a great day. Again Master Damales was up and ready at 7am to help me break out the equipment so we could get an early start.

IKEqC went really well with the winner being well…….. ME!!!!!! 15.0 second heads and 36 points on rings for a grand total of 136 points. If you go to the IKEqC site, as long as it is current, that puts a Caidan in 7th place for Interkingdoms.

Duchess Arianna pulled a 15.28 seconds on heads not bad for someones first “official” day. A Definate threat for Queens Champion. My money is on her in the rider auction. Back off!!!

Then on to the Emprise. We got somewhat of a late start. Which seemed to work out after all.

Riding for the Companions of the Tilting Lance

Riding for the Companions of the Tilting Lance

We had as Companions Speaker Lord Nils Reiter

The Venans were made up of The Lance of Santiago and The Lance of the Winged Rabbit.

The Venans were made up of The Lance of Santiago and The Lance of the Winged Rabbit.

Leading both lances was Master Damales Redbeard

Big thanks to Lady Draga von Falkenstein for acting as herald for the Companions. We had decided to have a heralded processional coming in at the last minute. Lady Draga did an excellent job working off the cuff.

Once the Companions were set, the Lances of Santiago and the Winged Rabbit began their processional. The Lances of Santiago and the Winged Rabbit rode in accompanied by their herald Lady Mari Dedwydd verch Gwalter, and armored standard bearers. What a sight to behold. Sir Stephen riding in armor with Great Helm and Shield. Their presentation was stunning. The challenges were inspiring.

The Companions withdrew from the field to discuss the order of the First three challenges. Don Andre after a false start delivered his challenge. He was given the honor of the third challenge. Master Damales’ challenge was inspiring and giving each of the Tenans a period hoof pick won us over even further. Master Damales was given the honor of the second Challenge. Riding with a heavily strapped BROKEN LEG, Sir Stephan was given the Honor of the First Challenge. That in itself was inspiring, but his Challenge was superb.

The games were a lot of fun. I’d like to thank Don Andre and Lady Rhiannon for including the gallery in their ride. Everyone thought this a grand idea and I think we all had a lot of fun with it.

In the end, the Lance of Santiago and the Lance of the Winged Rabbit won the day. Just barely as both groups were evenly matched and only one ride separated us. It is now, by their skill of arms, their Honor to defend the glade against all comers.

I cannot thank Lady Mari enough for heralding for the Venans, becoming the speaker for the gallery, keeping track of the scoring, leading the gallery in choosing the Best barded horse, Best list shield, and Best letter of intent. A lot of work given to her at the last minute. Superb.

I cannot thank Lord Richard Clerk and Sir Gavin enough for ground crewing all day Sunday. We had zero ground crew and they stepped in.

I cannot thank Lord Luaran enough, after being sick all week and throwing his back out, for stepping up and becoming the Lord of Honor and working the gate. Even though it was obvious he had not fully recovered and probably should have stayed home. Just too dedicated I suppose.

I’d like to thank Lady Draga for running the IKEqC and basically Marshaling the field all Sunday long in the hot Prado sun. It's one of the Perks to being Minister of the Academy.

For Best Barding, Master Damales took the cup after having spent hours both the night before and the morning of that day polishing all one thousand rivets. Mouse looked stunning. Honorable mention was given to Cynthia of Dunbar.

For Best Letter of Intent, Lady Rhiannon won hands down.

For Best List Shield, Lady Rhiannon won once again. Honorable mention was given to none other than Lord Richard Surefoot, Sir Steffan de Huyn, and Duchess Arianna ny Shane.

Lord Hob was given a gift basket for his continued support of the Equestrian Arts. We cannot thank him enough.

And at the end of the day when I couldn't bear to look at any of the equipment still left on the field, Cynthia of Dunbar, Lady Katherine, Lord Hob, and Don Andre took it all down and put it away. Thank you, Thank, you and Thank you so much!

I’d like to thank Lady Katherine for bringing up the idea of an Emprise at last GWW. Thanks for letting me run with it.

I would like to thank Duke John for allowing me to use the Company of St. George’s Pas de Armes format and going over what I hoped to accomplish. I had to reworked it for the Equestrian games and Lady Katherine came up with the scoring and the announcement.

I would like to thank Lady Christiaene for her help and advice prior to the event. Both Lady Christiaene and Duke John were sorely missed at this Emprise.

Many things were done at the last minute which worked out extremely well only because of the great ideas of all the participants.

In Service to the Crown and the Equestrian Dream,

Lord Nialls MacKeth, Tilting Lance Tournament Company Regent, to the Academy of Equestrian Arts

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