Caid Rapier Open 2010

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Location: Isles
Stowe Grove Park
Goleta, CA
Date: 9/25/2010

Caid Rapier Open held in Isles was attended by His Majesty, King Conrad.


From the Crown Prints

Event Steward Don Todde

Bring your blades, your friends, your friends’ blades, and your prowess to the Shire of Isles for a day full of fun, camaraderie, and skill amid cool ocean breezes. This year's Kingdom Rapier Championship will offer two group round-robins for all contestants, followed by melees for Caid's melee units to test their skill against their rivals. Following the event, we foresee the very period expedient of talking about fighting for hours over pizza.

Schedule of the Day:

9:00 Site Opens
10:30 Opening Court
11:15 Championship Lists Close
12:00 Kingdom Championship
3:30 Melee Unit Challenges
5:00 Closing Court
6:30 Site Closes


From Lachlan of Cromarty

  • The day was warm, but tolerable with the park's trees and a gentle breeze in the afternoon.
  • The King authorized in rapier combat at the event wearing a fuchsia coat borrowed from Mealla Caimbeul that He seemed to enjoy wearing (later a fellow from Starkhafn explained to us that fuchsia was one of His colors -- the "new sable")
  • Fighting was good and plentiful

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