Bard of Caid Rules 2012

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Rules For The Competition (2012)

This year's Theme is HUMOR. The Competition for Bard of Caid shall consist of the following 4 rounds (subject to TRMs pleasure):

  • Round 1: A period piece or an original piece in a period style. [Documentation highly encouraged. May be original or someone else's composition.]
  • Round 2. A piece the performer considers his/her best. [May be original or someone else's composition.]
  • Round 3. A piece that is humorous, and includes some audience participation [May be original or someone else's composition. May include props, but props are not required.]
  • Round 4. An original composition to be composed on-site, which will include 3 words announced at competition. [Must be composed the day of the event, on-site. Competitors will be assigned the three words that must be included, at the end of Opening Court. If you miss the announcement in court, please see THLord Thomas Whitehart before the Competition begins.]

Please contact me [truethomas at] (or in person) that you plan to enter.

Supporting rules for the four rounds

  • (A) One piece, minimum, must be an original composition. You may have up to three pieces that are not composed by you, or you may have as many original compositions as you like.
  • (B) The key words to be included in the original composition on site will be announced at Opening Court. The Competition will be held approximately 60-minutes later, to give the competitors time to finish their compositions.
  • (C) Original musical pieces may be performed to existing music, as long as that existing music is either out of copyright, or the lyricist has the copyright holder’s permission. If a pre-existing tune is used, the judges shall show preference for tunes composed before 1650.
  • (D) Documentation is required to describe the attribution and background of the historical piece, and to describe the style of the original piece. Documentation is optional for the piece the competitior considers his/her best.
  • (E) Copies of lyrics, when appropriate, should be provided for the judges.
  • (F) The judges will include the current Bard of Caid, Their Majesties of Caid (if possible), and others chosen by either Their majesties or the current Bard of Caid.
  • (G) The longest piece may not exceed 8-10 minutes. Please be considerate. The total time of all four pieces for a given performer should not exceed 20-25 minutes.
  • (H) Suggested performances can include (but are not limited to) singing, instrumental performance, dramatic prose, poetry, use of foreign languages, and story-telling.