Aran Darkhelm

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Resides: Darach
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Gules, two crutches in saltire between in pale two doves displayed argent.

Baron Aran Darkhelm

Offices & Positions

  • Guard for Sven and Kolfinna, 6/2006-11/2006
  • Chatelaine for Darach 8/4/2007-6/6/2012
  • Guard for Sven II and Kolfinna II, 11/2008-6/2009
  • Constable for Darach, ?-?
  • Marshal for Darach, ?-?
  • Senior Marshal, "Since Almost Forever"
  • Provider of much Gatorade and Water

Event Staff

  • Co-Autocrat with Lady xxxx for Darach Shire's Anniversary, 1993
  • Autocrat, Fall Crown, 2005
  • Autocrat, CP Prize, 2007
  • Deputy Head Quarters Steward, GWW, 2009
  • Head Quarters Staff, GWW, 2016

A&S Interests

  • Intermediate Judge (Wine & Varietal Cores), Right Noble Brewer's Guild of Caid
  • Judge In Training (Beer Core), Right Noble Brewer's Guild of Caid
  • Apprentice Brewer, Right Noble Brewer's Guild of Caid
  • Spring Collegium, 2011 taught basic brewing class on how to make Brandied Lemonade and White Hippocras. I have also taught this same class to the Darach Brewers and at Talon Crescent Festival, 2013.
  • GWW, 2016, Taught brewing class Brandied Lemonade and White Hippocras.
  • Wood Burning, one piece (so far).
  • Wood Carving, Beginning, Flower (still a work in progress).
  • Made a Traditional Long Bow in October, 2012. I am authorized Target Archery Hand Bow as of 06/16/2013.
  • Wood Turning, one small bowl (so far).
  • Wood Carving, one Stingray (still a work in progress).