Media Contributors from Outside of Caid

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People from outside of Caid who have provided media for this site.

Aaron Graves

Duke Aaron Graves, KSCA, OL. Although His Grace has never lived in Caid, his photos are used througout the Compendium. He lives in the Barony of SunDragon in Kingdom of Atenveldt.

Edward of Effingham


Edward runs a website, Sengo Kudaimo, which includes SCA kingdom clip art. Compendium Caidis uses his kingdom arms illustrations for each SCA kingdom. (Edward's illustration of the arms of the Kingdom of Ansteorra pictured, right)

Guichart de Chadenac

GerhartUna Fealty.jpg

Largess Tokens for Gerhart and Una made by Guichart de Chardenac, from the Middle Kingdom.

Thomasine LeStrange

Cassandra Northcliffe.gif

Thomasine is an heraldic artist from Lochac who provided art for the Caid Roll of Arms as well as other kingdoms' rolls of arms. (Thomasine's illustration of the arms of Cassandra Northcliffe pictured, right)

William Castille

Jonas Aquilian.gif

Master William Castille is an heraldic artist from Lochac. He began several rolls of arms of SCA kingdoms including the Caid Roll of Arms, and produced a large volume of art for those rolls. (William's illustration of the arms of Jonas Aquilian pictured, right)