Timothy of Arindale

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Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: AEthelmearc
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Timothy of A.png
Per pale Or and sable, a winged bear rampant within a bordure embattled, all counterchanged
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Duke Timothy of Arindale, KSCA, has traveled much around the Known World, and reigned as King in the East, Caid, and AEthelmearc.


Offices & Positions

Event Staff

Classes Taught

Projects & Publications



  • Companion of the Dragon's Heart (Middle), 07/08/1989


  • Vanguard of Honor (Caid), 02/09/1991
  • Earl (Caid), 11/07/92


  • Knight (Atlantia), 08/18/90
  • Companion of the Sea Stag (Atlantia), 08/19/1995


  • Award of Arms, 08/19/1984
  • Duke (East), 09/30/1995
  • Companion of the Maunche (East), 01/16/1999
  • Companion of the Tygers Combattant (East), 01/16/1999
  • Companion of the Ivory Tower (Settmour Swamp), 03/10/2001
  • Companion of the Silver Tower (Settmour Swamp), 03/29/2003


  • Companion of the Cornelian, 05/04/2013


  • I was lucky enough to be at the Make A Wish Tournament in July of 1992 when Timothy was King of Caid. Various artisans had made (among other things) a small coronet and a white belt for the Make-A-Wish Prince, José Salazar, and when the time came to knight him (I believe this was at Closing Court), Timothy put aside the new white belt and took his own from around his waist. He said something along the lines of "This was the belt that my knight gave to me when I was knighted years ago. I am now giving it to you." The entire Court gasped, and when he bent to knot it around José's waist, there wasn't a dry eye in the Court. It remains to this day one of the noblest actions I've ever had the privilege to witness. --Dubhghall mac Aodha mhic Néill