Martin II and Neptha II

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Martin II and Neptha II
Sovereign: Martin the Temperate
Consort: Neptha of Thebes
Caid Crown #: 5
Preceded by: Balin and Amsha
Succeeded by: Armand II and Diana II

Their Majesties, Martin II and Neptha II, fifth King and Queen of Caid, reigned 05/31/1980-11/22/1980. On 9/13/1980, They created the Order of the Harp Argent.


012-Caid.jpg Martin II and Neptha II at their coronation. Processing into court as al-Caid and Lady Caid.

005-Caid.jpg King Martin has received the mantle and crown from Balin, and Amsha invests Neptha with the queen's mantle.

More Information

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