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Welcome to Compendium Caidis!

Signing Up!

As a measure to prevent spammers, the Caid Wiki now requires users to contact the Administrative Staff to create their Wiki accounts. During this process your account will be added to the commenter group which will allow you to edit pages on the Wiki.

To create your account, please email the Wiki Administrator at with the following information:

  1. Preferred User Name
  2. SCA Name

You may be provided with a temporary password once your user account has been created. Once you receive your temporary password you can change your password by going to your User Profile.

Go To My Preferences (link to My Preferences should be at the top of any wiki page) > User Profile

In Basic Information there is a link to change password

If you have any problems with this process, please notify the Wiki Administrator Wiki Administrator at

Why Do We Require an SCA Name?

This wiki has a very open policy of who may edit the site, but we require that new users request the right to edit, and provide their SCA name. This helps avoid "spammers" from creating new accounts with freedom to edit. Also, users should feel more responsible and courteous, since their posts are never annonymous.

Any user is free to edit "Talk pages" attached to every article. (click on "discussion" at the top of any page to enter its talk page). Talk pages can be used to suggest changes to articles or to provide commentary on articles.