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Master Peter of Dun Calma
Founded: 1991
Status: Active
Sable, a chevron and in chief a mullet of four points, a bordure argent.

The Fray, founded by Master Peter of Dun Calma is an association of equals, dedicated to the perfection of the arts of war and revelry.

The Fray is a Saxon shield-wall unit, using kite shields and billed axes, short swords, or maces. Behind the line, the Fray uses pikes, great axes, glaives, siege weapons, and archery. Other weapons are to be used only at the discretion of the commander.

Every Frayman is responsible for his gear, his camp, his transportation, and his training. Every Frayman is expected to help, to the best of his ability, other Fraymen in preparing for war.

Officers are assigned to provide leadership on and off the field. They are no better than any other Frayman, though they have responsibility for, and authority in all things pertaining to preparation for, and execution of, war. This includes camp discipline and training.