Winter Weekend 1987

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Location: Altavia
Date: 01/23-25/1987

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Once again the North Riding of the Barony of Altavia has the pleasure of hosting Winter Weekend.

This year, the North Riding will also be celebrating its 1st Anniversary and choosing a Champion. Contests for the day will include Shinai, Heavy Weapons, and Archery. Competition in one of these is mandatory for Championship. Throughout the rest of the day, competitors will be subjected to choosing their contests through "the luck of the draw," engaging in 2 of the following 4 contests: cooking, calligraphy, court entertainment, and chess (medieval rules). The finalists will lead a team in a combat archery and Shinai battle Sunday morning.

There will also be the traditional Boar Hunt and Bridge Battle, as well as a spinning workshop, dancing, and a bardic circle each night.

If you would like to join in the Pleasures of the Hunt or just relax and enjoy fine company and beautiful scenery, please join us.

The following prices include 3 meals on Saturday, and 2 meals on Sunday: Adults (18+) $30, children over 6 $24. Call Sir Robear for prices for younger children. Reservations must be received by January 10, 1987. A map, schedule, menu, and recommended equipment list will b emailed to all participants.

Call His Excellency Sir Robear for any further information.


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