Voyagers May Day Tourney 1992

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May Day Tournament 1990
Location: Occidental College, Eagle Rock
Date: 5/05/1990


The event was Voyagers' 6th official anniversary but the 7th occurrence of the May Day event.

Event Staff

Autocrat: Lady Artemisia Quercia da Signa (name changed to Catherine Hope Hastings in Dec 1992)

From the Crown Prints

The College of the Voyagers is very pleased to announce that the Known World is enthusiastically invited back to the lawn of Beckman Institute for our 6th Anniversary and May Tourney. The people at the Institute were delighted with us and want to see more of us.

Therefore we encourage more fighters to come for more fighting (both heavy and light weapons will have dedicated fields), more pavilions (there were a goodly number last year, but the site is huge and can fit more), more people to enter the more contests we will have (the most refreshing non-alcoholic period drink contest, and as many others as we can think up between now and then), and more dancing and general revelry throughout the day and into the night. The turkey legs will reapepar, as will the Argent Oliphaunt sale to benefit College and Barony (please bring sale items), the May-Pole, and showers for the fighters (bring a towel!)

Opening court will be at 10:00 AM and dancing may go on until dawn. . .

The site is completely handicapped-accessible.



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