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Caption Needed
Status: Unknown
Owner(s): Prado

Sweetie is a Prado rental horse.


From Draga von Falkenstein and Louis Lewys

Rider's Name: : Lady Draga and Lord Louis

Horse's Name/Stable: : Sweetie - Prado rental

Date of Ride(s): : 6/23/02

Event/Type of ride: (Trail/Practice/Tourney) : Queens Champion

Rider's experience level: (Nov, Int, Adv) : Advanced

Horse Height: : 15.3

Horse appropriate for: (Nov, Int, Adv, All) : Advanced, possible Intermediate

Comments (ie height, disposition, bad/good habits) : Sweetie is a fun Appaloosa mare. At the morning warm-up I had some trouble getting her to do more than a walk, a small tap of the crop fixed that though. I did not need it after she realized that we were serious. :) She has a nice smooth trot and easy can