Spring Crown Tourney 2016

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Kingdom of Caid
Location: Al-Sahid
Date: 05/21/2016

In the Final Round, Sir Ozmund Rus, fighting for Lady Marisa Rus, defeated Duke Sven Örfhendur, who was fighting for Dame Ismay of Giggleswick. Crown Prince Oz and Crown Princess Marisa will be crowned Caid's 77th monarchs on 16 July 2016 in the Barony of the Angels.

Event Staff

Event Stewards: Baron Christian de Guerre, OP and Baroness Eibhilín inghean Laisréni


Combatants and Consorts


Round 1

The Challenge Round

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6


Round 7

Duke Sven Örfhendur fighting for Dame Ismay of Giggleswick vs. Sir Ozmund Rus fighting for Lady Marisa Rus. Both fighters entered the final round of combat undefeated.

Event Information

The Shire of Al-Sahid is proud to host our spring Crown Tournament for the Kingdom of Caid. We invite one and all to witness history and the recognition of the new heirs of our Kingdom.

Those wishing to participate in the tournament must meet the eligibility to fight for the honor of your consort. Letters of Intent must be submitted per Kingdom Law by May 7th, 2016. Combatants, bring your great weapons, bucklers, and one-handed weapons as each round may have different weapon forms.

Entrants, bring your banners and fly them high! There will be a procession of combatants and consorts prior to challenges. Banners will be placed around the List field for display.

  • 10 AM: Opening Court or at Their Royal Majesties' leisure
  • 11 AM: Presentation of consorts and challenges
  • 5 PM: Presentation of Heirs and Closing Court
  • 7 PM: Revel begins

Site will open at Noon on Friday May 20th, and close at 2 PM on Sunday May 22nd. Tell the gate staff that you are with the SCA. We've prepaid for a set attendance, and you will not be required to pay to enter the park. Please pay your registration prior to setting up your camp or pavilion. Campers arriving after 4:30 PM on Friday or on Saturday, please RSVP with the event stewards so we can assist you on entering the park.

The park opens at 7:30 AM on Saturday. If you need earlier access, please arrange this with the event stewards.

We plan on a revel on Saturday night to celebrate our new Heirs. The revel will feature a Taste of Caid with finger foods from our lovely cooks, and samples from our lovely brewers. A $5 registration for this will be required for those wishing to partake in the food and beverage.

Leashed dogs and cats are welcome. Please bring along records of vaccinations. Merchants are also welcome as long as you register by May 1st. No additional registration charge is required.

Privy Council will be on Sunday at 9 AM in the same spot in the park.

Site: Mojave Narrows Regional Park, 18000 Yates Rd, Victorville, CA 92392.


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Photos from the event

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