Southern Twelfth Night 1972

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Location: Angels Los Angeles, CA
Date: 01/08/1972

Event Staff

Autocrat: Baroness Rhiannon of the Mystic Isle


Unitarian Church



  • 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm - Grand March
  • 12:30 to 3:30 - Mime troupe, fencing demonstration, belly dancing, passage d'armes, broadsword demonstration.
  • 5:00 to 5:30 - Order of the Seraphic Star presentations, announcement of Baronial officers, etc.
  • 5:30 or 6:00 - Dinner, recorder concert, presentation of the Epiphany cake by the Order of the Seraphic Star and subsequent findings of the King or Queen of the Revels

Punning contest, drinking contest, musicians, dancers, general Revelry.

Baron Pwyll pen Tyrhon returned after an absence and resumed his role as Baron of Angels. He admitted Randall of Hightower and Rhiannon of the Mystic Isle to the Order of the Seraphic Star.

Uilleam Thorken Hardhans was named "Baron Designate" of Isles but the appointment was not approved by the Crown of the West

From the Crown Prints

Official event announcements sanitized to not involve personal information.


“Unless I miss my guess, this was the infamous "Clutchbutt Papers" 12th Night. It seems the new Baron of the Isles, whose name escapes me at the moment--he later had a career as a science fiction writer and died several years ago--was accused by various ladies of Calafia of taking gross liberties with their persons. It was enough of a brouhaha that Letters Were Written and Petitions Signed.” – Stefan de Lorraine

“I have the impression that the Clutchbutt Papers was a little later, but I could well be wrong. Perhaps William the Lucky could shed some light on it. I don't remember his SCA name, but William Tuning was the new Baron.” – Steven MacEanruig

“I believe that it was a bit later- maybe next year after this. It was Bill Tuning- and I believe that he was framed on this one, but it was long ago, and everyone involved is dead or gone, so that's probably all we'll ever know. I liked Bill, and he was a buddy of Randall's so I was inclined toward believing them anyway.” – James Greyhelm

“I'm actually pretty sure this was when it happened, because it got dumped in Paul and Carol's lap and this was when the timing would have been right for that. If it had happened the next year, James and Verena would have had to deal with it. Also, this is about the time that Isles, Calafia, and Angels where in the right stages of development for this to have taken place... “I was also still learning things at the time. When I wrote a kingdom position paper on the subject (in which I cavalierly denied Tuning [anyone remember his SCA name?] due process) I referred to the "late King James," using that phrase because Jim was off the throne. BonCouer, at least, was horrified when he saw that and trumpeted "What Happened To Jim Early?" I explained that he was simply no longer the king, but decided that this was a phrase I would avoid using in correspondence in the future.

“I have to say here that Jerry Pournelle, Jerome Lord McKenna, who got appointed Justicar for the Crown (not the actual title, but I can't remember what title, if any, he was given) for this situation, handled everything very well. The Court of Inquiry took place in his house, he straightened out a lot of the legal niceties, and things wouldn't have developed anywhere near as smoothly without his assistance. It got dumped on him because Pwyll, the Seneschal/Baron (I believe) at the time was also implicated in the accusations--mostly having to do with the religious service--and Jerome was Baronial Marshall. Something of a high point in Jerome's career in the SCA, which was otherwise marred by approaches to personal interaction that put McKenna at odds with just about everyone in the group at one time or another. I sometimes wonder why he stayed in as long as he did, though his longtime friendship with Poul ([Bela of Eastmarch]) and Karen probably had something to do with it.” – Stefan de Lorraine

“What's left of my brain wants to say that his SCA name was Thorkell Hardhands -- I remember thinking that the Hardhands part was appropriate. But the whole thing happened before I joined.” – Eilis O’Boirne

“William Thorkill Hardhands is what I remembered but registered as Uilleam Thorken” – Frederick of Holland

“Actually, Andre de Sevastapol was the lucky fellow who got to deal with the situation (and, as I recall, came up with the appellation "The Clutchbutt Papers." He and I generally got to back Steve up in our capacity has his chief deputies / assistants. “My overall impression was that the ladies of Calafia thought they were engaged flirting -- with absolutely no expectation or intention of being taken seriously. Randall and Tuning were looking for women -- and inclined to take anything less than strong rejection as encouragement. From such diverse assumption do great hassles grow.” – William the Lucky

“As Seneschal I was immediately up to my neck in the hassles, which resulted in an expedition to the South by their Majesties Paul and Carol and yours truly, plus various other lights of the Kingdom and a Court of Inquiry investigating (1) the averred scandalous behavior and (2) the accusation that an actual religious mass was celebrated as part of the Court. As with various political inquiries we are all familiar with, Wrists Were Slapped, Misunderstandings Clarified, and Apologies Accepted.” – Stefan de Lorraine

“I remember standing behind the King as kingdom constable and having a hard time keeping my mouth shut. Never my strong point. I guess that was the occasion.” – Steven MacEanruig

“There was a tourney in Calafia the day after the inquiry (Saturday after Friday? Sunday after Saturday? I forget) in which several knights of the West participated. It was, I believe, the first time we met the redoubtable Lysander of Sparta and the others of the central Calafia Core (Damn, the only other one I can remember was Jeffry of the Misty Twilight) on their home grounds.” – Stefan de Lorraine, who was not entirely pleased at how the Court was resolved... Then again, the next day at the tourney several of the Calafia ladies, all college age girls in the early Seventies, were acting in a manner that I could see would definitely give old line MCPs like Randall and the Baron of the Isles the idea that more was being offered than the ladies intended (or at least intended to offer them).

“Lysander, Curtis of Westlake, Bruno von der Eiche, Armand. I do remember that Stefan de Lorraine, Paul of Bellatrix, William the Lucky and I defeated the Barony of Calafia something like three times running in a series of melees. I remember it as a pretty good event. I always felt that Calafia was a nice group of people, though my memories are possibly colored by having my first really serious romance there.” – Steven MacEanruig

“I think that’s Jeffrey Brokenblade of my household, who was going to San Diego State at the time.” – Henrik of Havn


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More Information

A Twelfth Night celebration was also held on January 13, 1972 in Calafia at Palacio Mabuhay.


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