Shammere the Tailor's Daughter

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Martin and Neptha
Their Court:Atanielle Unesse kneeling far left, Shammere the Tailor's Daughter seated at Neptha’s feet. Standing, rear, L to R: Sarah Telyn, Katherine Brianna Coldrake Kyven, Jocelyn Douglas of Fairfax, ??, Kristin Alfhildr of Trondheim, ??, Julianna Neuneker Hirsch von Schutzhundheim and ??.
Status: Unknown
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Needed

Lady Shammere the Tailor's Daughter was admitted to the Legion of Courtesy on 09/10/1983 by HRM Natalya II. She was known for her delightful sense of humor and her Dance of the 1000 Veils, which involved hundreds of small silk scarves.


As of 12/20/2015, no name or device has been registered.