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In the name of the RAOK
Resides: Worldwide - Started in the Kingdom of Caid
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Black and Yellow.
Random Acts Of Kindness

(Still working on this page) - Arshavir

What is the RAOK?

The RAOK (Random acts of Kindness) started as a universal concept and has predated mankind, and was followed by our ancestors. Certain animals have proven to be altruistic such as Baboons, Dolphins, Chimpanzee's, Vervet Monkeys, Penguins and many other animals. The RAOK is not a household, nor a Guild, nor an Order, it is a global philosophy that even animals can adhere to, and in some cases they have. It is a philosophy of promoting Random acts of Kindness for the benefit of others, without seeking something in return. The fundamentals of the RAOK have proven to unite random strangers, establish friendships that otherwise would have not been established, help the needy, and promote a cycle of charitable deeds that can motivate Kingdoms.

The Power of Influence

Kindness is more influential than any other philosophy known to mankind. It has created continuous cycles that are similar to a chain effect. The RAOK promotes positivity in a world tarnished by darkness, greed, animosity, and pointless political issues that could otherwise be resolved peacefully. Unlike many other philosophies that tear apart communities, and which require you to heavily participate through a belief system, or religious practice, the RAOK only asks one thing of you: Do one random act of kindness per day, and seek nothing in return. Practicing the RAOK can be done on your own accord, and for any reason. The reason why the RAOK is so powerful is because everyone can agree with it's message, and no one can take it away, thus it is everlasting.

How can it be applied to the SCA?

  • The RAOK can be the elimination of political nonsense that continuously harasses households, their Majesties, and members of the realms. The RAOK is a weapon of its own, that can counter the negative effects of political issues that run rampant within our Kingdom. The war against negativity can only be fought with positivity, as It is not wise to pour fuel into the fire, therefore it is good to practice that which extinguishes the flames.
  • Although the SCA already practices good services, most of them are directional and given purpose. Directional acts of kindness hide hidden incentives, but the RAOK has no incentives, It's pursuit is to help others just because it simply benefits them. By creating a cycle of kindness within the realm of the SCA, it implores others to following in the ideals of being more altruistic. Imagine a community that randomly helped out strangers, shared gifts, gave free armor, clothing, or anything of need to individuals that had nothing... This would be a community founded on the very principles and values of the RAOK. As stated, "SCA already practices good services" it is wise to remember that there is a strong difference between, "I'm going to help out that person for recognition," and "I gotta help that person out, and if he/she wants to give me something I'll say no."
  • It teaches our children how to be more charitable and teaches them good virtue, especially in a world that teaches the exact opposite all over the media.
  • It is the fight against unneeded corruption.
  • Some have stated: "I need to be a King, or a Queen to make changes." You do not need to be a political leader to make great changes for the benefit of the Kingdom, rather have the heart to do good things for others. Everyone and anyone will jump on board onto something that promotes positivity, love, kindness, happiness, and care. Thus it is evident that 'everyone' is a political leader, and 'everyone' has power, the power resides in you to help others!

Values of the RAOK

  • Charity (To promote it wherever you go)
  • Selflessness (To seek nothing in return, not even recognition)
  • Kindness (For all beings)
  • Equality (All are equal)
  • Forgiveness (To forgive those who have hurt you, and to move on)
  • Love (Spread the love baby!)

Foundation of the RAOK

The foundation of the RAOK is universal and has already been around, however the RAOK being brought into the SCA and built upon it's principles by Arshavir Ardavastes Varak Rupertian. It was created to keep everything in order, and to ward of the many negativities that can haunt ANY community.