Lyondemere Anniversary and Investiture 2014

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Location: Veteran's Park
Culver City, CA
Date: 7/12/2014

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  • Investiture of Fausta as Baroness - Patriac was deployed in Calontir, so rendered up his sword in fealty with a letter read by the herald

From the Crown Prints

ANNOUNCEMENT: “Ring in the New!”

As we approach the sad time when we say goodbye to our beloved Baron and Baroness, we also welcome and celebrate their heirs - join the Barony of Lyondemere in a commemoration of change and newness at our Anniversary and Baronial Investiture!

Attendees are strongly encouraged to try something new, in any way, shape, or form: work on a new craft project you’ve never attempted; try your hand at garb from a new period or region, or create a new persona for the event; attempt a fighting form you previously hadn’t! Fighters: try an arts or science project. Artisans: strap on some armor and fight. Shy folks: try your hand at field heraldry!

As always, Baronial Champion competitions will be held for Armored and Rapier Combat; on the armored combat list, our marshal has asked for fighters to “bring all their toys.” In keeping with our theme of embracing the new, this year will also include an Unarmored Combat tourney to determine the first ever Lyondemere Unarmored Champion! Due to time constraints and at the request of our soon-to-be Baroness, please limit your participation to one list/martial form.

There will also be an A&S display and a People’s Choice Competition, with a practice judging for entries in the Fiber Arts category available. The practice judging will use the new judging sheets for the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Fair and Pentathlon, is open to the populace, and will be followed by a Q&A session where people can ask questions of the judges. This is an opportunity for both potential entrants and judges to familiarize themselves with how judged competitions work. The deadline has now passed for entries, please direct any questions to

As always, we are having our Basket Raffle with its wonderful treasures, delectable baked goods, and promissory notes from our talented artists and craftspeople. Donations are always welcome!

Other activities include: a dedicated fiber arts area for beginning instruction and general fiber play, a Traveling Scriptorum, heraldic consultation, a short class on field heraldry, youth activities, and the fan favorite SNOCONES provided by the Lyondemere Brewer’s Guild!


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