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Caption Needed
Status: Unknown
Owner(s): Prado

Lester is a Prado Rental Horse.


From Andrés Miguel Rodriguez de la Rosa

Rider's Name: : Andre Rodriguez

Horse's Name/Stable: : Lester

Date of Ride(s): : 4/13/2002

Event/Type of ride: (Trail/Practice/Tourney) : Practice

Rider's experience level: (Nov, Int, Adv) : Int (4 months riding)

Horse Height: : 16.3?

Horse appropriate for: (Nov, Int, Adv, All) : All

Comments (ie height, disposition, bad/good habits) : Lester is an old horse who has no problem with our SCA activites. He could care less if you were hitting the quintain or seracen heads. I found he was slow moving at first, but once you got him enthused about moving, he was more than willing to trot or