Kolfinna’s Song

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Warm was summer | morn when rising,
Gathered she his | silver armor:
Bright Kolfinna | Battle-maiden,
Countess, Marshal | clever scriber.

Bread and cheese she | brought Orfhandr,
Who had worn the | crown beforehand,
Soft-voiced sloth and | gentle Viking;
Fresh from Hearthland’s | yard he ventured.

Clad in blue like | Caid’s ocean,
Clad in white like | clouds of summer:
Bright Kolfinna | Battle-maiden,
Smiles like sunshine, nimble fighter.

Sven arrayed in | silver armor,
Two swords took 'gainst | Herzog Dietrich;
Great sword raised in | second battle,
Two blows bringing | poet’s death-knell.

Crowned with roses | Caid’s princess,
Crowned with silver | crescents shining,
Bright Kolfinna | Battle-maiden:
Hail, lady knight! | Hail, Viking Queen!

Natalya de Foix, November 2008

Poetic inspiration came from the Þrymskviða, one of the poems in the Poetic Edda. In an attempt to emulate the cadence of the Old Norse, each stanza has four verses, with two alliterations per line, none of which may fall on the final accented syllable.

Hearthland refers to the translation of Hedeby, the town from which Their Majesties hail. (heiðr = heathland and býr = yard)